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Join Estella & Lyndz at the Magical Sacred Field of Healing in Bythorn, for an indulgent evening of conscious movement using Silent Wing Headphones, led by Estella. An intention filled and mindful walk of the 11 tier labyrinth followed by an immersion into a sound healing portal of etheric tones using a diverse mix of sacred sound instruments, led by Lyndz.

We have an extra special treat as Sarah the owner of this land will talk to us about the sacred healing of the Labyrinth and guide us on how to use the Labyrinth with intention and prayer.

The fire will be lit and where we will no doubt find some time to sit together and share sweet Medicine songs to nourish the heart and soul ...

The Dance will be led by music which is a varied and diverse mix using different artists that purposely create music using instrumental sounds and words that resonate with the emotional body that will take the cells on an incredible journey.

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