Brought to you by Conscious Buddy


Come join us for Conscious Buddy's Freedom Dance first event at a location on some lovely outdoor grounds at the Polish Centre in Milton Keynes. Hosted by Estella creator of the Conscious Buddy Community

I think it's fair to say that our souls are craving dance and community. Using Silent wings headphones you will be guided into free movement using uplifting music for the soul, inspiring you in to your movement journey.

The music will be a varied and diverse mix using different artists that purposely create music using instrumental sounds and words that resonate with the emotional body that will take the cells on an incredible journey.

Freedom Dance is moving the body with no particular structure, it is a way to get fully in touch with your feelings without judgment, to tap into Joy, sadness, bliss, and everything in between, it is a dance of life and all that life offers us, when we dance with it all, the energy has a channel, the body being a beautiful instrument for this.