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Brought to you by Conscious Buddy


The energy they bring into a room needs to be experienced to be felt. You will be immersed in the sounds of the Djembe, bass, guitar, the kora (African guitar) the violin, mantra and meaningful lyrics we can all relate to connecting deep into our life experiences. Bringing you in the flow offerings and solo pieces from members of the band, the evening will be filled with a very special vibe. There will be ceremonial cacao on offer both from Antarma (cacao love from Peru) and Conscious Buddy offering a blend from Colombia both infused with prayers and mantras for your enjoyment to receive the cacao in its most raw form that will enhance your experience. Cacao medicine is the purest form of chocolate and its powers have the ability to bring you fully into the heart. Also available for purchase to create your own ceremonies. We will have Plant Bass'd food on offer also bringing you freshly made vegan food. A new venture with outstanding reviews and is in demand for Matts delicious food. Available to eat there or take away. What a beautiful evening planned for you all to enjoy and with this in conjunction with the full moon and winter solstice. What a winter celebration it will be .

The ticket price is £18 before 28th November £22 after. Children under 12 are free. A handful of concessions are available on request please email with an offer of an exchange that feels reasonable to you. Sorry but tickets are non-refundable for this event. You are free to pass your ticket on as good karma or sell it to another for them to enjoy the show. All our love from the Antarma and Estella's team. We can't wait to see you. Your presence is so welcome ❤

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