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A gathering of people coming together in community to share a cacao ceremony, share food, dance and celebrate life in a conscious way, so no drink or drugs, our bodies are power machines made up of energy and anything a stimulate produces we can produce naturally.

We support local musicians through our events and pay them fairly for their time and worth. One of the areas conscious events rely on is volunteer support and with these events running successfully for 3 years this is down to the helpers that give up their time selflessly to help create the magic. 

In the past, we have had volunteers from drug and alcohol centres and would like to continue to collaborate with centres and on our projects that will continue to encourage those coming from addiction to show there is another way to live and that community and unity are big key factors to recovery. 

our previous events

Our next event is due September 13th 2020 but will depend on government guidelines check here for the facebook event that will also be visible through the Conscious Buddy community platform where we will keep you updated.


supporting our local artists

The CONSCIOUS BUDDY Community project aim to pay artists fairly.


Artists and teachers are often people that have given up their old life to spread a message through their music/art and their teachings, often spending years of dedication to this life which is now their only form of income.


When you become a member of Conscious Buddy, you are supporting them and your community. 


We believe this is where our mindset can change into how we support the economy. Spending money on local artists, businesses and events is where our community really grows. CONSCIOUSBUDDY feels passionate about how we can save local conscious businesses/artists and support those who need our help in the community, this is a sustainable model as giving back is how the money/energy circulates; no one loses out and we all gain. 

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