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This event is for everyone that enjoys being in community and unity in love and harmony.

An event by Conscious Buddy Community & Friends

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The Croft Farm Escape is situated in Hertfordshire, founded on Land of Outstanding Beauty. Nestled amongst whimsical woodlands to one side, with views of the rolling hills of Great Gaddesden to the other. 

It's a space designed for people to escape the fast-paced, digitalised modern world, and reconnect with themselves and each other - facilitated by Mother Nature. The glampsite has been built using reclaimed materials - by re-purposing waste from construction sites, it helps to decrease the huge amount which is sent to landfill every year. This eco-conscious attitude drives the ambition to adopt solutions for rain-water harvesting, renewable energy, and eventually a circular-space. The Croft Farm has a colourful history, having initially started out as the ripe land of DeebsDay Music and Arts Festival.

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