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Back To The Roots festival is created by the people for the people, a collaboration of diverse and cultural backgrounds with an offering of world sounds, a co-creation of art, music, education, and innovative ways to bring us together to unite in love, music, dance, discussion, and commUNITY. 


The intention of Back To The Roots is to make it an all-inclusive festival no matter your background, to speak on how we can live more consciously and harmoniously together in a world with so much diversity, yet recognise we are all part of this intelligent mycelium network that binds us all and when we connect through love we create harmony, like an orchestra of symphony and frequency, a language beyond all languages, a song we can all relate to.

This will be our 2nd year running Back To The Roots and already in 6 months, the Conscious Buddy Community and Croft farms development mean we are able to expand and offer you so much more!