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Ongoing projects and partner collaborations

CONSCIOUSBUDDY Community are passionately dedicating resources and training to provide sustainable support to the mental health and well-being of local people.


To help those coming from difficult backgrounds we provide programs with a qualification attached that can be used to offer services into their own communities.


One of the main areas will be addiction recovery work and providing yoga teacher training programs so these practices can be used in rehab and drug and alcohol centres in their own communities.


The training will have a dedicated training approach that will cover very specifically Yoga and meditation for addiction and mental health.  

Projects are developing all of the time, here is a snapshot of some of our existing work...



Get involved?

We believe the Conscious Buddy community should be accessible for everyone and your contributions are valuable to us so that we can continue to grow and give back which allows us to give 100% profits to the community projects we work on.

To keep this running successfully we rely on donations.

If you appreciate what we are doing there are a number of ways to contribute, whether that is a monthly donation, a one-off donation or a service you can bring to the community that adds value, all will be gratefully received. 

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