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Conscious Buddy podcasts aim's to spread a conscious message that will address all aspects of life through various diverse subjects, all based on personal experiences.

With our values at the core throughout everything we do and achieve, CONSCIOUSBUDDY aims to provide natural solutions for those who really need it in the wider community, this will come in the form of education using approaches to heal the mind, body and spirit. 

If you appreciate our content please consider a one off/monthly donation. We really appreciate your support!

Series One - Conscious Practices for Addiction and Mental Health

Episode 1 - Deborah Berryman - The Ancient Practice of Yoga for Recovery

Episode 2 - Neil Kirwan - Plant Medicine for Addiction

Episode 3 - Janey Lee Grace - Happy Healthy Sober

Episode 4 - Nicola Graydon Harris - Connecting To Our Ancestors

Episode 5 - Chris Walker - The Road to Recovery from Mental Health and Addiction

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