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Estella from CONSCIOUSBUDDY formed a collaboration with Simona founder of the Carvernoma society after Simona went onto one of Estella's retreats in India, Simona felt the practice of yoga and meditation was so helpful for her that she wanted to bring this practice for Cavernoma patients,  this is when the Heal your brain project was birthed.

In November last year, a local lottery grant was approved to run workshops and retreats throughout the year.

















​The first one took place in February this year in Buckinghamshire and there were 4 more to be carried out through the year, which have been postponed due to COVID-19.  However, Estella has continued to run weekly Yoga Nidra practices for the Cavernoma society online via Zoom as well as them practising Yoga with Nikki who is a Yoga 
teacher but has the condition also, so knows first hand what It is like to have had a brain injury and use the practice of yoga to improve her brain function and movements. 

We now have a Heal your brain tribe on the CONSCIOUSBUDDY community platform, dedicated to the Heal your brain project and those with the Cavernoma condition, this is a private group where a sign up needs to take place first through an online form through this online community, it helps us to understand their needs so we can continue to progress by offering these practices and creating events that serve those with Cavernoma.

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