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What is the conscious business directory?

CONSCIOUS BUDDY Community would like to support local businesses through our new community platform. Conscious businesses understand that the concept of supporting each other is what leads to growth and this means that the wider community will get to hear about your business and our platform.


Members of the CONSCIOUS BUDDY community platform will receive 10% off your products/services and in return, you will ultimately reach a wider audience through a conscious growing community.  If you would like to receive 10% off other conscious businesses you will need to become a member of the community platform.


You will be visible via this website and the 10% off code will be visible via the CONSCIOUS BUDDY community. We have a search engine below that allows you to search by keyword or area.

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What does a conscious business look like? 

* A business that helps to support other community projects like the homeless etc 

* Using Eco products 

* Nutrition 

* Yoga 

* Holistic treatments 

* Coaching that focuses on mind, body, spirit 

* Natural products 

* Crystals that have been sustainably sourced 

* Handmade jewellery 

* Clothing that is consciously sourced 

* Plant medicines/Ayurveda 

* Healing centres 

Would you like to feature on our conscious business directory? Click here.

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