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Let's dance under the stars in some private woodland in Northamptonshire, drink Cacao in ceremony with your community, connect your bare feet to the earth, bring your open hearts, integrate all the summer love we received over the last few months as we gather for this magical Freedom Dance event with nature surrounding us.

Conscious Buddy Freedom Dance is collaborating with Peak Performance as they have kindly offered out their magical woodlands at the back of their home where they also run outdoor personal training and fitness classes.

Conscious Buddy is a network of collaborations that binds us all in the web of life, when we work together, we grow together.

For this event, we will be using a sound system, not headphones.

The event will be held in Sywell, Northampton. Full address and directions will be sent out 2 days prior to the event.

Freedom Dance is moving the body with no particular structure, it is a way to get fully in touch with your feelings without judgment, to tap into Joy, sadness, bliss, and everything in between, it is a dance of life and all that life offers us, when we dance with it all, the energy has a channel, the body being a beautiful instrument for this.

What is a Cacao Ceremony -

Cacao is a sacred, heart-opening medicine that has been used in ceremony for thousands of years by tribes in North, South & Central America. The ceremonial grade cacao that we use in our retreats and events is unprocessed and alive in spirit, with a soft feminine energy and powerful healing effects from the region of Chiapas, Mexico. On a physical level, cacao can help us form new pathways in our brain to release serotonin & dopamine, bringing feelings of joy and bliss; it's also full of beneficial minerals such as magnesium, copper, zinc & iron which nourish our bodies. On an energetic level, cacao helps to open the heart and release blocked emotions & stagnant energy.


  • Drug & Alcohol-free event, because we have all the energy & courage we need right here inside of us! On occasion using natural organic from the earth medicines which invites us to connect deeper to the self.

  • Please bring water, a blanket & something to sit on like a Yoga Mat.

  • Wear comfortable/weather appropriate clothing


  • Cancellation policy*

Tickets are non-refundable but can be sold on, please email me with the new name to

If the event needs to be canceled for this date, a new date will be made and your ticket will be transferred to the next Freedom Dance event. Or a full refund minus Eventbright fees on request.

Please note that by purchasing a ticket you agree that Conscious Buddy Freedom Dance is not liable for any injury or harm that you may incur at this practice/class (dancing only exactly as YOU feel to & you agree to take full responsibility of yourself, your health, your well-being and all of your belongings whilst at the session. Thank you.


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