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Nourish Your Soul, Wales Retreat


Spectacular views of Snowdon, woodland and the sea from this beautifully designed house with floor to ceiling windows. It’s a stylish, modern and large spacious house with 5 bedrooms sleeping 12 people all on a 30-acre small-holding in this beautiful area of North Wales.

  • Games room 

  • Freshly made healthy, wholesome food made by our very own chef, Bryony!

Nebo Caernarfon, North Wales, United Kingdom

09/09/2021 - 13/09/2021

475.00 pp

£100 non-refundable deposit (may be eligible for transfer upon request) Once the deposit has been paid an email will be sent to you requesting the remaining balance, this will be due at least 6 weeks prior to the retreat date.



  • Morning Meditation and Yoga

  • Wild Swimming

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Freedom Dance

  • Sound Healing

  • Drumming Journeying 

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Beach and Nature Walks

What is Freedom Dancing?

Freedom Dance is moving the body with no particular structure, it is a way to get fully in touch with your feelings without judgment, to tap into Joy, sadness, bliss, and everything in between, it is a dance of life and all that life offers us, when we dance with it all, the energy has a channel, the body being a beautiful instrument for this.

Headphones will be provided.

What are the benefits of a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao is a sacred, heart-opening medicine that has been used in ceremony for thousands of years by tribes in South & Central America. The ceremonial grade cacao that we use in our retreats and events is unprocessed and alive in spirit, with soft feminine energy and powerful healing effects. On a physical level, cacao can help us form new pathways in our brain to release serotonin & dopamine, bringing feelings of joy and bliss; it's also full of beneficial minerals such as magnesium, copper, zinc & iron which nourish our bodies. On an energetic level, cacao helps to open the heart and release blocked emotions & stagnant energy.

What are the benefits of wild swimming?

One of the most notable advantages of wild swimming comes from being immersed in a large quantity of very cold water. This increases our white blood cell count and simultaneously stimulates the lymphatic system and boosts blood circulation.

Coldwater therapy, as it’s known, causes blood to flow away from the skin’s surface towards the organs as a means of conserving body heat. This process in turn boosts circulation, flushes out waste matter and delivers fresh, nutrient-filled blood to both the brain and vital organs.



4pm - Arrival 

5pm - Opening circle 

7pm - Dinner 

9pm - Yoga nidra/ relaxation 


7.30am - Meditation

8 am - Yoga

9.30 am - Breakfast 

11 am - Walk/explore 

1.30pm - Lunch 

3.30pm - Ancestral Healing circle 

5pm - movement medicine / journaling 

7 pm - Dinner 

9 pm - Sound healing 


7.30 - meditation

8 am - Yoga 

9.30 am - Breakfast 

FREE TIME - Beach/read/hot tub/games room etc... 

3 pm - Late lunch/dinner ( it is best to not overeat or have a full stomach before cacao)

6 pm - Cacao ceremony/ Freedom Dance/Sound bath 


7.30 am - Meditation

8 am - Shake it out 

9.30 am - Breakfast 

11 am - Walk and wild swim with our guide Jools who knows the area very well and will be taking us to some beautiful secluded areas around Snowdon. You will be guided with breathwork and meditation to help prepare you for the wild swimming. 

2 pm - Lunch will be prepared for us to have on our adventure.

5pm - Hottub 

7pm - Dinner 

9pm - Yoga Nidra/ relaxation 


7am Meditation 

7.30am - Closing Ceremony 

9 am - Breakfast 

11am - Depart 

What should I bring?

- Swim Wear/swim shoes/woolly hat/water gloves (all is optional but can really help if cold water swimming for the first time)


- Water bottle

- Something to place on the altar/ crystal/flower/something that represents your family line (even if you have done this work with me before, the stories never end and it is still so beneficial to carry this work on) You can also find something on the land to place on the altar.

- Notebook/pen 

- Walking shoes/warm clothing/layers 

Bring with you your intentions and an open heart to receive all the magic. These retreats can offer way more than we can ever expect and I feel honoured and grateful for your presence.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

bryony chef wales.jpg




I have always had a passion for cooking and as my own healing journey has unfolded, nutrition has played a key role in my wellness. I like to take inspiration from all over the world and endeavour to bring back tips and recipes from my travels too. I have also begun to grow my own veg and learn about foraging over the past few years; I hope to bring some of this goodness to the offerings for this special retreat and will aim to source good local ingredients where possible too. Seeing people enjoy a good nutritious meal I have created brings me a great sense of fulfilment and joy and I can't wait to share it with you all on Estellas retreat


Estella Ramos

Your Host

Estella has been working with the concept of the human body & mind for over twenty years, from a spiritual and scientific approach as well as both a logical and creative perspective. She has a diverse background and has trained as a nutritionist, personal trainer, fitness instructor, yoga teacher, including yoga & mindfulness for addiction, yoga nidra, ancestral healer, shamanic healing and reiki. Estella has spent her time travelling in many parts of the world learning from different cultures which have taught her we are all different, there is no one way to move the body, other than to listen and be in tune with your own natural rhythm.

Estella offers Ancestral and Energy Healing, Conscious Dance Events and various Workshops and Retreats in the UK and overseas to bring like-minded individuals together.


Estella is also the creator of the Conscious Buddy community.

See more of Estellas work on her personal site.

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