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Wolf Moon Ether Ceremony

07/01/2023   13:00 - 18:30

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          Blessings siSTARS....

We will gather on some very magical land called Tofte Manor ( in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire on Saturday 7th January 13:00-18.30 in a Yurt that sits on these enchanted gardens and magical Labyrinths for a Full Wolf Moon initiation, where all the elements will be present with us in a very magical way.

This is the true path to healing what no longer serves, to feel our emotions unapologetically to express in ways that feel more aligned to our true sense of self, unlearning the conditioning that has prevented us from connecting to the true medicine woman within, in turn allowing us to show up for others authentically, in love and strength


The Earth element – Connecting to the womb space on the land we will walk the labyrinth and offer our gifts to the space that enters the earth through the stone calved Vulva (See more information here

Vulva Stone.gif

The Water Element – Connecting to another Labrinth on the land where 600 metres of copper piping runs through beneath the earth, fresh well water runs through beneath our feet as you walk the labyrinth, which is then collected after for you to drink, the water was sent to Dr Emotos lab for a before and after diagram highlighting the crystalline frequency

Check for more info here

Labyrinth Tap.jpg

The Fire Element – We will connect to this purpose-built healing fire pit to release what no longer serves but also ignite what we want to give birth to check out the details of this powerful firepit here

Fire Pit 2.png

The Air Element – Connecting to the prana, the energy life force within and in the air around us, evoking songs for us to sing together in siSTAR-hood, howling to the full wolf moon

Vulva 2.jpg

Ether – Connecting to the spirit of Cacao, we will sit in ceremony to share, to cry, to laugh and to dance, raw, real, tribal, to our roots as we release this power into the ether, bringing equilibrium to the feminine and masculine for both counterparts to unite and dance together.

Vulva 2.jpg
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Ready for this powerful transmission? 

The suggested money exchange for the day is £111 however when purchasing your ticket there is an option to pay what you can afford with £44 being the minimum

Although there are siSTARS that have joined all year, there has also been those who have only stayed for 1 or 2 of the elements and for others you haven’t been involved at all, we are all connected in the web of life and so if you feel the soul call to be here then you’re most welcome!


Once payment has been made your place is secured, I’m afraid no refunds can be offered once booked, you can however gift or sell your space on.


An email will be sent out 1 week prior to the event with instructions of the day, logistics etc..

Over this last year we have been on a journey through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, we have come together online and gathered in live calls, connecting with the healing powers of mother nature to guide in this powerful transition we are all facing in our lives from giving birth to new life, starting new soul life paths, letting go of relationships or transforming existing ones, healing ancestral traumas and uncovering lost codes that were supressed through our family lines, we have been stepping in and stepping up into a new way of being, thinking, existing, and what a journey it has been. Holding space in a safe way has been at the forefront of these gatherings so tears can be released, moving through stagnant waters so the waters within can move freely and in flow.  Expressing what we would usually shy away from removing feelings of shame and guilt so we can truly step into who we were always meant to be, our very birth right as women to coexist in a world that has felt at times unsafe, scary, shut down and frustrating but here we are showing up daily whatever that looks like.

The Wolf spirit as seen in the logo has played a part through this initiation process The wolf spirit animal serves as your personal guide in pursuing the things closest to your truest self. It is your true inspiration to discover the most genuine ways you can express yourself to the world.

So coming together as siSTARS to connect to the Wolf moon bringing this portal to a close couldn’t be anymore aligned in the stars!

We will finish with a sound healing and a food sharing to ground before you leave (Feel free to make and bring some food to share with your siSTARS) don’t worry if you don’t, I will be bringing food to share.

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