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Meet the acts inviting a world of sound and culture.


Minoa is a music producer and independent artist from Sweden, based in Berlin and Barcelona. Her music has a deep electronic sound with heavy analog synthesizers combined with her vocals creating a fresh galactic fusion. Her music explores many different tempos and styles like melodic techno, disco and soul with heavy analog dark basses, galactic textures and heart expanding poetic singing.  


Kaya Project is a tribal fusion of World Music & Electronica primarily built upon location recordings from exotic locations around the planet. The Project is the musical brainchild of Seb Taylor. Based in the UK, the act has achieved a name of "world-renowned" via the first three albums ‘walking through‘ (2004), ‘elixir‘ (2005), and ‘...& so it goes‘ (2008).

Antarma is offering an experience that a lot of people seem to need right now; high vibe music and community energy that can be a support through these times of instability and global concerns. The vibes are an uplifting mantra, heart-opening guitar, life-affirming lyrics and ecstatic African Brazilian djembe rhythms. All the music mantras and practices Antarma shares are intended to bring the highest deepest peace, joy, celebration and love for all hearts, for nature, and all beings. 



Arachai, with support from Joe and Blousy, weaves together the instruments of Handpan, Didgeridoo, voice, and more to take you on a journey of your inner and outer realms. Frequencies of healing, to get you feeling, thinking, and moving


Ravi Freeman

Ravi is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and one of the longest established Western players of the kora (West African harp). His music is the result of a lifetime exploring the edge, through world music, tribal cultures, throat singing and a journey that has taken him from India to the Amazon. 

Dani - Freedom Dance DJ

Dani is a purveyor of soulful and sublime progressive grooves. Her sound is an explosion of hypnotic rhythms and percussive tribal instruments, which are easy on the ears and demanding of the feet! She’s been lighting up dance floors for the past 14 years maneuvering her way around some of the most exciting clubs and parties in the capital including Tribal Village, Elixir of Life and Fox&Badge, Noisily, Chrysalid, Sunrise, Waveform and many more! Catch Dani play and prepare to be taken to a seducing and mind-tingling dream world.. you won’t want to go back!

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Lulu (Luisa Bradshaw)

FreedOm Ecstatic Dance

DJ LuluOm creates a wave of music earthy, shamanic, heart-opening, tribal, slow, fast, getting out of the head and into the body where we allow our bodies to move in whatever way they want. This is not "dance" this is a free expression of self

Ome Yolia

Hailing from Mexico City, Oms Rocha is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician who combines ancient Mesoamerican traditions with modern technology to create digital experiences that transcend time and location. In this performance, grounded in authentic native practices, Oms blends new and old rhythms and creates an experience that narrates a unique story that truly defies genres. Enjoy this journey that will take you to new sonic horizons!


Ahisha - Ecstatic Kirtan

Ahisha Dasi is a Hanuman Devotee and dedicated Bhakti. She brings a fun uplifting kirtan experience. Sharing simple easy to follow call and response songs, to help open our voices and hearts. Her only aim is to share the frequency of love through devotion and celebration of unity.


An intoxicating mix of Roots Mandinka folk, Berber folk  Jewish folk drum and bass, and Rock. Kanbeng in Mandinka translates as One Voice. Living up to their name, spiritual and infectiously danceable. Kaya Project collaborated with us on 2 pieces Daude Sane  Kanbeng One Voice Many Mixes and on his Seed release. We also have new songs in the mix for the live set with beautiful Roots and Inspiration from the UK and around the globe!

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Lulila Rose

Lulila Rose is a New Earth Songstress, bringing words and tones from beyond the Veil. Her songs are messages of awakening of truth and Love. She brings you home to your body through her words and brings a feeling of empowerment to be your beautiful self. Lulila Loves to express her creativity through Words, Song, Music and Dance to inspire and uplift to higher Vibrational Frequencies. She brings the power and magic of the Word so she is manifesting magic as she Sings into the ethers. The Music on The Album is Dub with Big Bass lines that will get you moving and getting down deep down. 

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Wild Medicina

Singer/song writer & ceremonial song carrier. Sharing my own songs born from the depths of ceremony & life. 


'SHE' are a circle of four soul sisters weaving a unique tapestry of musical medicine & prayers for the Earth. Woven together through sacred sound, four-part harmonies, and the power of sisterhood.  A coming together of four unique singer-songwriters who recognise the elevation of magic that births when we unite. Reclaiming the feminine wisdom that was lost in all of us, throughout history through writing HERstory. Each song is a unique transmission of devotion to the Earth and the deep mystery that continues to unravel. 

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Elizabeth Freeborn

Ancient music/sound healing performance.

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