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Meet the acts inviting a world of sound and culture.


Minoa is a music producer and independent artist from Sweden, based in Berlin and Barcelona. Her music has a deep electronic sound with heavy analog synthesizers combined with her vocals creating a fresh galactic fusion. Her music explores many different tempos and styles like melodic techno, disco and soul with heavy analog dark basses, galactic textures and heart expanding poetic singing.  


Kaya Project is a tribal fusion of World Music & Electronica primarily built upon location recordings from exotic locations around the planet. The Project is the musical brainchild of Seb Taylor. Based in the UK, the act has achieved a name of "world-renowned" via the first three albums ‘walking through‘ (2004), ‘elixir‘ (2005), and ‘...& so it goes‘ (2008).

Antarma is offering an experience that a lot of people seem to need right now; high vibe music and community energy that can be a support through these times of instability and global concerns. The vibes are an uplifting mantra, heart-opening guitar, life-affirming lyrics and ecstatic African Brazilian djembe rhythms. All the music mantras and practices Antarma shares are intended to bring the highest deepest peace, joy, celebration and love for all hearts, for nature, and all beings.