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Book now for 2022

Portal opens 7.7.2022 for 3 months

Estella New Project (4).png

Opening for 22 


2hr siSTAR circles

Weekly initiation activation session

Fire Element

2 hour siSTAR circles 
Estella will start each topic from her own experience and talk about this for roughly 30-45 minutes.  We may also choose one of the siSTARS in the community to talk a little more on these subjects who have specialised in the topic we are focusing on. This will then open up for us all to share as we pass around the virtual talking stick.  We can continue any subject/talk/topic on the platform for us all to keep sharing and connecting, creating meaningful conversations, and offering support without giving direct advice as we always aim to empower each other! 


siSTAR circle schedule 

08.08.22 5:30-7:30am (GMT)

Release the tears and burn through your fears. Ignite the flame for motivation and avoid burnout

22.08.22 7-9pm (GMT)

Lions Gate
communicate with the element of the fire spirit to help remove blockages and open up communication barriers

05.09.22 7-9pm  (GMT)

Take action with the balance of surrendering and letting go of control. Be open to receiving the upgrades for the highest good

Initiation activations to be uploaded every Wednesday evening and include: 

1st one starts 20.07.22

  • Fire dance 

  • pranayama- breath of fire 

  • Manipura chakra (Solar plexus) yoga 

  • guided visualisation for entering different realms in safety with the protection of the fire spirit

  • burn through the illusion and live in your dharma 

  • sun/flame gazing meditation 

  • burn away which does not serve and ignite your passions

  • Start your day in gratitude with the Sun


Who is this for?

  • This portal is for siSTARS that are committed to the process of growth and offering their gifts to the world.

  • This portal is for siSTARS who are breaking free from the old system and hear the calling of the soul to lead a more purposeful life that will integrate your human experience into every part of your life, to find your soul family who will support you in this mission to help create a new earth. 

  • This is for the siSTARS that fully understand the concept of co-creating and that whilst we raise our own consciousness, we are also helping each other to rise. 

  • This is a co-creation of love abundance where we are all seen for our own unique gifts and shine bright like a STAR because when we shine, we all thrive. 

  • If you relate to 2 or more topics and activations, then this portal is definitely for you! Sometimes all it takes is for 1 of those subjects to fully resonate with for you to receive a powerful transmission that will propel you in your growth and initiate you into the next stage of your development. Even if you're familiar with this work, there is always room for deepening your soul growth and change!

Working with the Elements


4 portals will open up for registration over the year and each transmission will focus on the 7 directions, north, east, south, west, father sky, the earth below and the heart within, and the main 4 elements, Earth, Water, Air & Fire will become the focus in each topic and activation, starting with the Earth element for the first 2-month initiation portal. 


You are not obliged to join all 4 portals, however taking part in the 4 over the year will deepen your initiation and experience. You will be able to choose to invest into the next portal a month before and more information will be given nearer the time. 

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"anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you"

           What happens next?


If you're ready to come into this space with full commitment for this powerful initiation portal then start by choosing your payment option.


Once you have pressed pay you will receive an email with the instructions, this will guide you onto another platform run by a software called Mighty Networks where you will create your own profile page. (please allow 24 hours to receive email) Be as bold and descriptive in your profile as you like so your siSTARS can get to know you, including your website, Instagram, and any other channels you would like us to connect with. 


In the first 2 weeks, we will get to know each other In this space, get used to the functions on the platform, and have an opportunity to ask any questions and say hi to your soul tribe, there will be topics already set up that will guide us through the process of our siSTAR circles and initiations.

We will not accept more than 22 in each portal registration, this is so you can shine and receive all the attention, allowing you to speak and get heard. The portal door will be shut from 12 noon on the 20th of July and those wishing to join after this date will need to wait for the next portal to open in 3 months' time. 

what happens next
Estella New Project (Facebook Cover) (4).png

Meet your guide

Estella will lead you into the siSTAR circles and activations, however, this is an empowering practice and an initiation, so essentially you are doing the work even if the prompts are from me guiding you. 


Estella is the creator of the Conscious Buddy community,  an energy worker, ancestral healer, Yoga teacher & plant medicine facilitator and has been working with the human mind, body, and spirit for over 20 years. Estella's experience and vast training will help you to come into a deeper state of embodiment for these practices which simultaneously evokes your own spirit to trust the process for you to fully integrate the activations. 


Look forward to co-creating with you.

Estella New Project (3).png

Ready for this powerful transmission? 


£222 for each portal including bonus gifts after sign up

(Option to pay in instalments over 2 months)

Or £111 with an energy exchange.

For anyone paying you will receive £22 off your Back To The Roots ticket (1 full adult weekend ticket) If you pay the full £222 (also can accept 2 instalments) 

Invite a siSTAR and receive 22% off each if paying in full by emailing us for our special discount code.


We also support special circumstances and are offering two free places. 


Please email to apply. 


If you are joining from another country please use a currency convertor to understand the price you are investing. 

Supporting & Empowering Women


As part of this siSTAR support portal we would like this to spread out into the wider network of the earth as part of that initiation and for the water element we will be giving 5% of your investment to offer continued support to a very inspiring lady Ciara Callaghan who founded Sew & Grow

Instagram page -

Sew & Grow are a Nonprofit organization and a social enterprise working with young people and creating handmade naturally dyed textiles products. Including naturally dyes period pads.


For the earth element we supported Nasreen who runs Empowerment collective and raised $150 through your own investment to join the portal. Empowerment Collective is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to eradicating exploited labor, forced marriage, and extreme poverty. More than 40 million people are trapped in modern-day slavery. Over 70% are women and girls who have lost their freedom, basic human rights, and are being exploited for profit.

You can check out the amazing project Nasreen runs on 


We have personal connections with these woman and ask them to come on as a guest talk on the siSTAR portal exclusively to give their own experience in how they turned their own story into helping others.

book sistars

More about the process

The siSTAR circles will be recorded for reference and will always be available for you on the platform, however these are a chance for us to interact together live on zoom and this is about showing up as this is part of the initiation and practice, we show up for each other, in PJs, in tears, on our cycle, in our ecstatic joy, in our light or in our shadow. A place where we can just be. The activations are pre-recorded and will be posted once a week for you to do in a space where you feel you can fully integrate it. We recommend you find the time within 24hrs of them getting posted so you can share your experience with the other siSTARS on the platform. 



More about the platform 

We will be using software called Mighty Networks under the guidance of the Conscious Buddy Community. We will give clear instructions on how to register and sign up in your sign-up email. If however you have any difficulties please email Estella on 

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