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A collaborative and conscious community space 


The Conscious Buddy Community which started out as a yoga studio & Juice bar in 2015 has been an organically growing concept that invites in all conscious activities in alignment with the everchanging world. As well as being an online community platform, Conscious Buddy now regularly hosts live events, including Freedom dance, conscious retreats, and Festivals. We pride ourselves on collaborations with other well-being creatives within the community to network and connect, when we work together, we grow together.

"The flapping of the wings of a butterfly can be felt on the other side of the world" - Chinese Proverb


Finding connection in the Himalayas... Join us!

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It's easy, just sign up now and create your profile to connect with other conscious buddies, you'll find a welcome video on the Conscious Buddy Community Platform to show you around too! 

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We believe the Conscious Buddy community should be accessible for everyone and your contributions are valuable to us so that we can continue to grow and give back which allows us to give 100% profits to the community projects we work on. If you appreciate what we are doing there are a number of ways to contribute, whether that is a monthly donation, a one-off donation or a service you can bring to the community that adds value, all will be gratefully received. 

what we value

With our values at the core throughout everything we do and achieve, CONSCIOUSBUDDY aims to provide natural solutions for those who really need it in the wider community, this will come in the form of education using approaches to heal the mind, body and spirit. 

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