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Harmonise Within Nature Womens Retreat


19/06/2024 - 23/06/2024


  • Temazcal (Mexican Sweatlodge)

  • Psilocybin Ceremony

  • Ancestral Honouring

  • Yoga

  • Freedom Dance/Somatic movement

  • Voice activation/sound healing

  • Wild Swimming

  • Paddle Boarding

  • Clay Mudbath

  • Ancient Neolithic Dolmans for the solstice

  • + Much more!



We warmly welcome you to this harmonising within nature women's Retreat in Central Portugal; The heart of paradise  – 


Coming together in sistarhood on land in Portugal that has called this work in for co-creation. Connecting to the magic of mother earths medicines in a nurturing and natural environment for true expression, including Psilocybin ceremony, voice activation, free movement, song expression, Temazcal (traditional Mexican sweatlodge), Ancestral honourings, herbal plants and womb purification, wild swimming, and many other beautiful offerings, harvesting with the full Moon and Summer Solstice. 


"The way of the warrior women"

Surrender into the luxury of Cara Creek –


Lounge by the natural infinity pool; star gaze from the hot tub; break a sweat in the sauna; sing around the fire pit; rub on locally sourced clay to detoxify your skin before rinsing in the river; read a book on the private beach; explore the Mondego river by stand up paddle board; try the rock jump or a leisurely swim in the creek; practice yoga in the cozy indoor shala or on the panoramic outdoor shala; hike to the nearby waterfall; visit the neolithic dolmen site; treat yourself to a holistic therapy of your choice...


There are so many ways to enjoy Cara Creek Eco Lodge facilitated and Nurtured by the creators, Ashley & Rory  which help to make our stay feel held and safe so we can fully immerse into the healing powers of the retreat.


        OUR TIME TOGETHER             

Temazcal/Sweatlodge - Inipi, or sweat lodge ceremonies, whether for women or in a general context, are sacred spaces where participants enter a small, dome-shaped lodge. Fueled by hot stones, the lodge becomes a vessel for profound spiritual connection. The ritualistic warmth symbolizes both physical and spiritual purification, fostering a deep connection to the earth's energies.


Within these ceremonies,  the focus is on a simple yet powerful journey. The rituals honor life cycles, embracing the sacred energies of creation. In sisterhood, we will share a transformative experience that strengthens bonds and connects individuals to the divine within and around them.

Voice activation/ sound - Our unique vocal vibration is what makes us special and  connects us to the world around us, learning how vibration is the essence of the universe can give you a powerful tool to take home with you which keeps you grounded and connected to our beautiful natural world before getting caught up and lost in the humdrum of life

Ancestral honouring - We honour those who came before us, whether those from our lineages or those we have a deep respect for that have pilgrimed our lands throughout history, that have honoured the direction of the stars & earth's elements, through their work of deep reverence for creation we can learn so much about ourselves and the world we inhabit in that we have generally lost touch with in our modern world. This is a remembrance that is inherited in our unique DNA.

Freedom Dance/Somatic movement - Dance has been used as a ritual since the beginning of existence for rites of passage, celebrations,  birth, and death. When we dance we dance for our ancestors, each step a prayer, an honoring and remembrance.
This is an invitation to dance in freedom with no particular structure, from a place deep within the heart as we come together in commUNITY.

Moving the body in a somatic way helps us to tune into our primal instincts, this will include subtle body movements entering into areas of the body where the energy has been stagnant due to past traumas or everyday traumas that we are not always aware of,  to shaking the body releasing into free expression. It's a creative process that awakens the soul. 

Psilocybin Ceremony - We will gather in an intentional way to work with a beautiful and profound plant medicine healer of psilocybin mushrooms. Estella your guide and facilitator will create a safe space so you can enter into an altered state of consciousness with trust and surrender. No ceremony is the same and will be unique to the individual, although when in a community environment, not only will you create a deeper connection to yourself, it is often found you will experience a deeper connection to those around you.


Estella will schedule a call with you personally to have a chat and ask some questions to make sure this particular healing modality is suitable for you and answer any questions you have about this ceremony or the retreat as a whole.


“Psilocybin is an amazing tool for unlocking the mysteries of human consciousness. The core feature of this mystical experience is a strong sense of inter-connectedness to all things, a rising sense of self-confidence, clarity and communal responsibility, altruism and social justice. Understanding the nature of these effects and their consequences may very well be the key to survival of the human species.” - Dr. Roland Griffiths from Johns Hopkins University

Yoga - An ancient practice for mind, body & and spirit, and with 3 yoga teachers on-site with a combined 30 years of experience you can expect a traditional yet nurturing practice that will focus on sacral balancing and connection. Ashley who owns and runs Cara Creek is also a yoga teacher trainer where training programs take place at Cara Creek who will be also guiding you through a Yoga practice throughout your stay. 

Other activities - During our time together we will visit the Neolithic Dolmens dated back on estimate to 6000 years ago for the summer solstice near the Serra da Estrela Mountain, a sacred site that is thought to sit on energy earth ley lines, also with recent discoveries with star orientations which confirms its placement from ancient ancestors had purpose with its structure and placement. You can enter the stones and sit in them which is the journey we took as a retreat in the recent Solstice which fell on a new moon, this next cycle takes us to a full moon. After our magical experience together in the stones, we came out to a perfect rainbow that sat in alignment over the stones, it felt like a sure sign of our time in there playing the drums, the didgeridoo, and our voices were heard and acknowledged. Who knows what more wonders awaits?

We will also go wild swimming in the river and waterfalls that run through Cara Creek, enjoy paddle boarding in the Mondego River, rejuvenate with a natural detoxing clay mud-bath, relax in the hobbit house wood fire sauna, bathe in the Biological swimming pool with an infinity edge looking over the valley, or simply relax with a book at Cara Creek which nestles in the valley fully immersed in nature with the sound of the river running through. 

We will explore sacral cleansing with herbal plants and receive tinctures from a local holistic health coach Faith Canter who is well-known in her field for herbal medicines, and specifically looking at balancing hormones. You will receive a tincture to take home with you so you can continue your holistic journey.

Food - Vegetarian meals are provided. Hannah is the intuitive Retreat Chef who provides garden to table meals including Brunch, an afternoon snack or cake & Dinner. Tea, coffee, fruit & nuts always available.

Arrival Day includes: afternoon snack & dinner
Full Days include: brunch, afternoon snack & dinner
Departure Day includes: brunch

In the health questionaire you fill out, you will be asked for any dietry requirements as all are catered for.


The prices include your accommodation, full use of the Cara Creek facilities, The Tamazcal, our trips out, all activities/classes/sessions taking place and food (Brunch, snacks, dinner).

It does not include Flights & Airport transfer.



4 Pods each with a Single Bed Pentagonal Pods with a window and a door that allows you to admire the view from bed, or lounge on your private deck.

Price - £888 per person/per pod/single occupancy


Tetra - Pods


4 Pods each with a Double Bed



Inspired by the Tetrahedron the walls reach 6 meters high to a skylight at the top. They also have a large round window.

Price - £1008 per person/per pod/single occupancy

(Or £808 per person sharing)

Tri - Pods

2 Pods with double beds - SOLD OUT

2 Pods with 2 single beds - SOLD OUT


Named for their triangular shape, each has a small deck out front to admire the views of the pool and sweeping tree tops.

Price - £1008 per person/per pod

(Or £808 per person sharing)

Friends or partner sharing only



4 Pods each with a Double Bed Four more uniquely shaped pods with stunning views over the valley will be ready for  Spring 2024.

£1008 per person/per pod/single occupancy 

£808 shared

For details & Pictures of the accommodation check out:

Payment plans available on request – 

£150 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

Estella will contact you within 5 working days after the booking has been made to give you an alternative payment method for the remainder and to check if you would like to pay in installments. Alternatively, contact Estella beforehand at

Due to the nature of this retreat and the healing modalities being used Estella will need to check you are suitable for this retreat, some health questions need to be answered if you have never worked with Estella before or received any healing work from her. Please email:

Please fill out the Health Questionnaire Form which is also required before booking.




Healing Guide - Visionary - Creator

is the creator of the Conscious Buddy community, Back To The Roots Festival and the Freedom Dance events. She is an energy worker, ancestral healer, Yoga teacher & plant medicine facilitator and has been working with the human mind, body, and spirit for 20 years.

Estella's experience and vast training will help you to come into a deeper state of embodiment for the practices she offers which simultaneously invokes your own spirit to trust the process for you to fully integrate and feel empowered. 



Singing is how I pray. It's how I celebrate this earth walk,how I celebrate my love to her, our planet and all who inhabit her and even beyond put into the galaxies....Exploring the voice has become a great passion and witnessing the healing this brings is beyond words , to witness the vulnerability, the tenderness, the power, the wild versatility, the nakedness, the unpredictability! The path of reconnection , coming back to our simple truths... This is what working with these vocal chakras does for me , listening to someone's voice, is listening to their soul, What an honour. 


After studying at Nada Yoga school in India over 10 years ago , a whole world of sound opened up to me and got me passionate to walk this path as a song carrier, falling in love with the world of medicine music as I go! I have weaved many different paths of vocal and sound exploration from bhakti to womb healing, shamanism to cymatics including studying in a mystery school , Sounds of Light ...the depth of healing that working with voice continues to bring myself and all those I work with blows me away!

Recently having walked east to west of England following  the Michael, Mary line from Norfolk to Cornwall, which led to my move to Cornwall


These days you'll mostly find me walking the coastline of southern Cornwall, deeply inspired by the way the ocean moves and bringing this into the way I share voice work and's a wild form of singing because it brings people into their bodies, their truth, their hearts and connect in from that place . Such a balm in these tender times.

Songstress - Sound mystic - Student of life



Lilly connects to the vibrational frequencies of the earth and elements and uses that understanding to channel her music and space holding. 

Due to Lilly being introduced to Sister circles and her mothers work since a child, she is no stranger to community gatherings.


Already as a young woman, Lilly has travelled and learned from the lands she has stayed on from Portugal helping to harvest the land and Mexico, praying and connecting to the Communities in where the Cacao we use on retreats is from.


Lilly has had many years of helping her mum Estella holding space on retreats, community gatherings and festivals. As well as her own journey in Rainbow gatherings and tending to the fire throughout the summer at conscious festivals.

Musician - Artist - Earth Guardian



Isabel, a psychology graduate turned guardian of ancient wisdom, transitioned into traditional midwifery and sweatlodges. Over 8 years, she collaborated with her husband, holding sacred sweatlodges and working with traditional midwives. A mother of two, Isabel, now an experienced doula, seamlessly weaves her maternal and professional experiences into creating a sacred space. She offers transformative experiences rooted in her own experiences, tradition and spirituality.


Fly to Porto for an arranged transfer to Cara Creek Lodge, depending on how many of you are sharing the shuttle transfer will depend on the price which will range from £25-£45 each way.


Alternatively you can also travel via train 

Train link - 


From Porto to Coimbra, it is around 1hr15min  

From Lisbon to Coimbra it is 2hrs  

The train costs roughly £15 one way 


There is a possibility we can arrange a transfer for you from Coimbra to the retreat centre if enough of you arrive there at a similar time. Or you will need to get a bus from Coimbra to either one of these places - Carrrgal do Sal, Oliveira 

do Hospital or Tabua. Where you will picked up from.  

The retreat will start at 4pm on Wednesday the 19th but please arrange the flight time to allow you to arrive in plenty of time for the 12 noon transfer pick-up from Park Hotel near the airport.  The retreat finishes on Sunday the 23rd at 11am and your transfer will be arranged for 12 noon to head back to Porto.

You are of course free to make your own travel plans if that suits you better.

A WhatsApp group will be set up for any questions and for you to virtually meet those attending the retreat, this is where you can share your flight information.


The full itinerary gets released 2-4 weeks before the retreat.

Images for this retreat are at the top of the page in a slide, you can also discover more images on the Cara Creek website

Listen to the soul and the heart will follow 

Blessings and love Family, I cannot wait to see you in the heart of nature for what’s going to be a very nourishing retreat together. 


Love Estella & the team x

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