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Join our Karma Tribe on the Conscious Buddy Community to receive £22 off your ticket

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A community created by the people, for the people.

The aim is to create a larger community in the Karma Tribe within the Conscious Buddy community which is a monthly paid membership where members money goes into community projects that pay fairly to artists and teachers who have sacrificed their old life to be in service to the community at large and bring conscious practices to those who really need it and to make this booming industry more accessible and away from privatisation and government funding reliance.

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By becoming a member of the Conscious Buddy Community Karma tribe, you will receive discount codes for various events, including the “Back To The Roots” community event, future retreats, workshops and training programs. You will connect to other like-minded conscious Buddy’s within the community space and network with those who are creating positive change in their community.


You will have the opportunity to create your own profile with all your links to your other social media platforms, create new friendships, offer and receive free workshops as part of your membership and stay up to date with events and activities that are happening within your area and online, staying connected with your conscious buddy’s worldwide, as a conscious community, no boarders separate us, we are one tribe of people that want the best for each other.


By joining the Karma Tribe for £22 a month you will receive £22 off your ticket price


Terms & conditions:

For the offer and any other offer,  we ask you remain a member for at least 2 months, you have the right to cancel any time but will lose your discounts.

If you are already a Conscious Buddy community member, to upgrade to the paying membership site, please head to the tribes tab and join the Karma tribe. Once we have received the notification from you joining, we will then send you the discount code. (This may take up to 24hrs & check your junk folder!) Discount Code can only be used once per person on the General Admission

Click BELOW to join us!

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Join our Karma Tribe on the Conscious Buddy Community to receive £22 off your ticket + Many More Benefits

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